“It is not always easy to make changes, but there’s no better advice than this; just do your best. Make sure you stay strong enough to move ahead, because there are some wonderful rewards waiting for you. Believe in happy endings because you are the author of the story of your life”.

Douglas Pagels

Mission Statement

Establish a mental health counseling clinic in the underserved Afro-American communities in collaboration with churches, and not for profit entities in the pursuit of:

  • Removing the Stigma of mental health issues through the utilization of ethnic compatible mental health counseling.
  • Awareness campaigns to reach adolescence, young adults, and young parents to assist their journey through life challenges.
  • Providing quality mental health counseling with evidence-based tools to all people in all communities; in-office and Tele-health sessions. A COVID-19 protocol practice.
  • Establishing a future entity, AURILIA’S PLACE A PLACE TO CALL HOME, for single parent families, transitioning them from abuse to joyful lives in their communities.

About Us

For approximately 20 years in the Faith Base Communities, I have been counseling at-risk teenagers’, single parents, and empowering women, giving them their voices back. My passion to see others reach their full potential, motivated me to return to college in pursuit of my desire to help others grow.  As such I obtained a bachelor’s degree in organizational leadership, continuing I earned my master’s degree, with a lot of hard work and determination. After two years of internship and many long hours, I became a licensed mental health counselor in 2020.  In summary, I have continued to advance my learning to include Domestic violence, anger management, behavior modification, trauma counseling, and major depression. The Location of my mental health counseling practice is in the community of zip code 33311 based on my conviction to see others grow in knowledge and be productive in their communities. Aurilia’s a place for wellness is committed to helping you.



personal statement

Having arrived like many of you, Struggling with my mental health issues; Anger, Trauma, low self-esteem and a survivor of domestic violence. Indeed, it has not been easy, however putting in the hard work to become a better person helping others has been worth it. My advice is, seek counseling now, I want to see you reach your best place in life.


By taking the first step making an appointment talking to a mental health counselor, you can unlock many potentials that are inside of you.


I have the ability and the experience to show empathy and compassion to those who are desiring a better life. My skills and techniques are evident based and cognitively effective in behavioral therapy, with specialized training in, domestic violence, anger management, trauma, and major depression.


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